January 23, 2005

Student Sues School For Summer Homework

[Article] A Milwaukee student in an honors program is suing the school district for requiring summer homework. Personally, I think this is a load of dingo's kidneys.

Our school system has already degraded from "results matter" to "feelings and self-esteem matter more." When I was going to grade school, if I was messing up, I would get a bad grade like a "D" or an "F." The bad grades were indicators that additional work was needed.

Now, if a kid is below average in grade school, he gets a "Needs Improvement." Some people believe that a student will be humiliated if he gets held back. No shit. He should be humiliated.

Most people realize is that humiliation, shame and anger are powerful emotions. What most people nowadays are failing to realize is that these same emotions can trigger a drive to succeed. If you are told that you need to improve, it doesn't sound that shameful. If you are told that you are a failure, it is shameful. Most people, when shamed, will push themselves towards redemption. Those who don't...well, we guarantee equal opportunity to try, but not equal results.

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