January 10, 2005

Circuit City Take 74...

It's no secret that I detest Circuit City. They've treated me and my family with such disrespect that I literally loathe dealing with them. However, I feel compelled to share this story.

Today marks my one-week mark alone down here in Dallas. Yvonne is still up in Layton finishing up the packing, etc. She felt kinda bad that I didn't have a TV, so she called up Circuit City and ordered me a television set on Wednesday.

The TV was supposed to be delivered on Friday between 12 noon and 2 pm. I could not be there during the delivery window, so I left a note on the door telling them to go to the office to be let in, and I signed a key release with the apartment complex I live in. I also signed a key release for Comcast to come in and set up my digital cable and broadband. (Computer is supposed to arrive today.) When I got home on Friday, there was no TV. I had cable, though. Also, the note was still on the door.

I called my wife, and she called Circuit City. They told her that it had been delivered. She was thinking that it was stolen from our apartment. I was thinking that a CC employee stole it. I called them on Saturday, and they said they told her incorrectly. I asked when they could deliver it, and they said it would be delivered "on Sunday." No time window, just "on Sunday."

Now, I'm a patient man, so I said, "Okay, I'll be home all day on Sunday." I got up before 7am, showered, got dressed, ate breakfast, and started waiting at 7am. I was thinking that the longest I would have to wait would be 4pm, and then I'd be free to go take care of my shopping and exploring.

Well, 4pm came and went. At quarter after ten, I decided that they weren't delivering, and went down to the grocery store.

So, I'm getting ready to call Circuit City now. Any guesses as to what they may say?

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RemohDad said...

I feel for you... I know how it feels.

I too share your detest of CC. I just still cannot let go of their support of the Divx video format at a time when DVD was just barely taking off and trying to find acceptance.