May 6, 2005

Ritual Healthy? Also, Why I Mix Tech and Personal...

When I started working at Ritual Entertainment back on January 3, 2005, I weighed in at 235 pounds, a 38-inch hip line and a 44-inch waistline.

It is now May 6, 2005, and as of last night, I weighed in at 206 pounds clothed, a 36-inch hip line and a 38-inch waistline.

Maybe it's diet, maybe it's the walk to and from work, maybe it's just that I feel good about myself, maybe it's any or none of the above. All I know is that aside from my usual twice-yearly ear infection and the fact that I'm going bald from the chin back, I feel wonderful. I'm feeling healthier. I don't look any better because the fat isn't leaving my body evenly, but every step counts.

Now I've thinking lately about whether or not I should shift this blog to being purely tech oriented instead of mixing in my personal life with it, and I've decided not to change. My blog serves three purposes for me. First, it lets me share what I learn with the world. Second, it gives me a venue to vent about issues that I find frustrating, unfair, or otherwise off. Finally, it gives me a more public face.

You see, when you read my blog, you are not just learning what I have learned. You're learning about me. While I could do what some have done and made their blogs "tips only" or "code only," when I read those blogs, I feel like I've learned something, but I feel very distant to the writers. I go there to learn something, not to meet someone, and as such, the personal aspect of blogging is lost. Plus, the more people know about you, the more people feel they can trust you.

So I am going to continue to be the ranting, bitter and occasionally misguided testing and coding schmuck that got me to where I am today. I hope you will continue to learn with me and about me, and if you don't like what you see, well, I'm sorry, but I am who I am.

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Anonymous said...

I like it better with the mixture. If a particular post doesn't please me, it's easy enough to skip it, but I can't extract knowledge that isn't there in the first place. Besides, some of us sit around and hack code 96 hours a day, we need a bit of human contact, if only in the form of blog posts ;).