May 18, 2005

Mass Exodus at Keenspot?

Keenspot, the webcomic giant, seems to be losing a ton of their staple comics lately.

Checkerboard Nightmare, It's Walky!/Roomies/Shortpacked, Greystone Inn are leaving, all claiming "business reasons." From what I understand, artists that have left Keenspot and just ran Google text ads on their sites have been getting anywhere from equivalent earnings to five times what they made under the Keenspot umbrella.

Now I know that Keenspot has been acting like an 800 pound gorilla for awhile now, and that competitors like Modern Tales haven't really put a dent in them, but mass defections like this, especially if more and more comic artists come out and say they were better off after the move, are going to really hurt the service.

For Keenspot to survive what's coming, they're going to have to shift from a percentage-earned system to a decent CPM model for their artists. Otherwise, there won't be any earnings to share...

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