March 8, 2005


I've been having to deal with salesmen a lot more recently for a few reasons.

First off, we've moved and our new phone number hasn't filtered through the "Do-Not-Call" registry yet. You never realize how peaceful you have it, not having telemarketing calls for several months, until you lose that coverage.

Second, my wife went to a local "women's health fair." Now, she's got a salesperson coming by this evening. Why? We don't know. And when I say, "we," I don't mean the royal "we." I mean that my wife doesn't know why this person is showing up tonight either.

So I have to leave a little early tonight so I can be home and tell this person that we have no money because we just moved. My wife believes that no salespeople will take her seriously, and that I have to be the "heavy" for her. Unfortunately, I agree. I don't know what it is about my wife, but salespeople and the like listen to her and peg her as an easy mark. Even when she's calling customer service numbers, they won't help her at all. They'll just brush her off until I call on her behalf.

For example, she had a recurring charge on her Direct Merchant's Bank card being made by DMB. She was getting close to her limit, so she called and requested that it stop. They didn't stop it. She sent letters. They didn't stop it. I wish she had told me about this sooner, as she is now nearly $500 over her limit due to Direct Merchant's Bank continuing to charge her overlimit fees as well as the damn recurring charge! Of course, by this point, it's too escalated for me to do anything about it.


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