March 8, 2005

GCD 2005 Keynote Transcript


Ralh Koster had some interesting things to say. Too bad I couldn't be there to hear them. I love this quote, though...

We humans are also very good at seeing past the dressing. Games are dismissive of the ethical implications: the argument that games are teaching our kids to kill, for instance. The people arguing this are earnest people. I imagine philosophically people here don't necessarily agree with them but we have serious social concerns, yes? Here's the thing: ask a gamer about Grand Theft Auto's hooker moment, they see this: pac-man eating a cherry. They've grokked it: it's a power up.

Does that mean that when I run over pedestrians in Grand Theft Auto and Carmageddon, I need to start making "wokka-wokka-wokka" sounds? [grin]

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