March 14, 2005

Media Center Wish List

According to PC World's CeBIT coverage, there won't be a Windows XP Media Center Edition 2006, but instead there will be an update to MCE 2005 this winter instead.

I'm actually glad about this, but I can only think of two requests for the Media Center team to have in this coming update.

My first request is that I want to be able to use other computers on my network as Media Center Extenders. I want to be able to sit down at my computer in the computer room and watch a live TV show while my wife watches a recorded show on the large TV. I want to be able to schedule a recording while my wife zones out to the Media Center Visualizations.

My second request is that I want a 10' web browsing interface. You guys have MSN TV. I know that it's not managed code, but that's what the "It Just Works" switch is for. Bring that browser over to MCE. I want to be able to browse the web using my remote control while what's on TV shows in a window in the corner. It'd be great to pop over to IMDB to pull up movie trivia during a commercial break, for example.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

exactly what i'm looking for.
1-i hope that's the pal /secam switching trouble may be solved also.
2-add the posibility to play all avi from a folder. when you get 300's hard to watch one and change to the antother one