March 4, 2005

Microsoft MN-700 Router Issues

I've got a Microsoft MN-700 wireless router hooked up to broadband, and I've got a bit of an issue with it. Around the 6-8 hour mark of uptime, the damn thing locks up. Absolutely no traffic goes through it. No traffic to the cable modem. No traffic to the other computers on the network. Nothing.

To fix the problem, I have to unplug the router and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. If I plug it back in too soon, the modem light blinks, but the power light and wireless light stay off. If I leave it off long enough then turn it on, the power light turns orange for about 10 seconds, then goes green and all is good until the next time the damn thing stops responding.

Any ideas on a) what is causing the issue, and b) how to fix it?

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RemohDad said...

ROM, it sounds like a heat related issues; as the thing gets and stays warm there's a defective part that starts to fail. Of course, to prove this theory would require either changing out the router to see if the problems reoccurs, or testing every single components of the existing router to find a defect.

I'd suggest replacing the router, as it's quicker than tracing a defective hardware component, and cheaper in the long run.