July 1, 2015

RomTerraria 4 v0.4 Released

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Rendering issues with missing transparent surfaces, missing items, and some rendering crashes should be fixed now.

Last update for the night.  I have work in the morning.


Unknown said...

Hi Michael,
Your recent update doesn't fix the instant crashes for me. I play over 3 screens at 5760x1080. If I leave the resolution at 1920x1080 after running your rewriter the game runes fine. If I bump it up to 5780x1080 and enter a game, the environment loads and the game crashes.

I tried this using a new single play world and also to a medium multiplayer world.

Unknown said...

I'm in the same boat. instant crashes. event errors appear to be the same as before

Michael Russell said...

Still working on walking through all the new unsafe code in Terraria, guys. May take me a few more days, but I'm working on it.

Michael Russell said...

Terraria was just released and it fixes some crash bugs that were in the base client for both single- and multi-player. I've been able to check that RomTerraria v0.4 can patch, but I can't test beyond that over RDP.