July 19, 2015

RomTerraria 4 v0.8 Feature List

Still working on the next update while my ankle recovers.  As I get things working, will add them to the list here so you'll know what's in the next update.
  • In windowed mode, you'll no longer be restricted to the size of your primary desktop.  However, if you stretch your window so that it is larger than 8192 pixels in any direction, the game may crash.


Unknown said...

Hope it heals with no problem!

Dr Dawn Fan said...

I see that in the current release, there isn't a reliable way to find the GOG.com version of the game.

Could you allow the user to manually enter the location? I would sure like to try out this mod, but it doesn't see my GOG installation (no re-ware registry key).

Failing that, would it be possible/useful for the user *create* the needed registry key?