July 25, 2015

RomTerraria v4 and Mac/Linux FAQ

(updated 9/21)

Will RomTerraria work with the Mac/Linux versions of Terraria introduced with

Not at this time.  Soon.

Are you planning on making RomTerraria work with the Mac/Linux versions?

I'm currently working on it.  When it's done, you'll need to copy your Mac/Linux executable over to a Windows machine and patch it.

Do you have an ETA?

Not at the moment.


Andrew Timson said...

"If I have to do that kind of odd detection for each branch, the complexity will eventually get overwhelming."

Isn't this crying out for dependency inversion (either with your own code or a framework like Ninject)? Define a repository interface, then create XNA and MonoGame repository classes, instantiating the right one based on the executable being used.

Michael Russell said...


Yes, to some extent.

My code isn't just swapping types as much as it's either injecting hooks into RTHooks.dll (which would be replaced with RTHooksMG.dll with the MonoGame side) or rewriting code at the opcode level. Swapping out the types is an unfortunately simple example.