December 27, 2011

RomTerraria Update (Now With Lava Cleanup)

Update for RomTerraria:

- Stronger warning if you try to enable lava rain.
- Option to remove all lava in the top quarter of your map.


Oogle said...

Hey i have a small problem. The minimap stays at the bottom left of the screen instead of being centered at the middle.

Michael Russell said...


I'll look into it as part of my fix list.

Saranis said...

Where exactly is the launcher installed to? Only way I can find to run the launcher is through setup.exe

Saranis said...

I found where it was installing, some really bizzare folder.


RomTerraria.exe was NOT located in my steam terraria folder.

Michael Russell said...


The .NET Framework puts RomTerraria in a place that I cannot predict to prevent me from doing two-factor attacks via the web.

I use features of .NET to find Terraria so I'm not polluting your Terraria install folder.