December 1, 2011

RomTerraria Update #1 for Terraria 1.1

I've made a simple update so that RomTerraria wouldn't crash outright with today's 1.1 release, but I haven't yet had a chance to test it because I'm at work for another four hours.

If you get a chance to try it, reply to this post or over on ShackNews.

If you already have it, should update automatically.  Otherwise, usual install point.


Anonymous said...

get message: "unable to find terraria. make sure steam is running". yes, my steam is running.

Michael Russell said...


I just uploaded a new build (should autoupdate) that will give additional details about which step is failing.

Huldu said...

Please consider adding an option to show various ore types on the map - especially gold. I don't know if it's even possible. Got the idea from "terraria world viewer" which showed all the ore on the map. Sadly it doesn't work in game, like yours.

Michael Russell said...


My minimap pulls the colors for the minimap from the textures themselves, so they are showing in the same color that they are in-game.

How would you recommend showing the ore?

Huldu said...

I wish i knew how but the only world viewer i've seen that clearly shows ore is this one:

It allows the user to load a map and look for ore or treasure. The good thing about it is that you can highlight a specific type of item. What this does is make everything beside that particular ore/item darker so that it stands out.

In this case it actually makes the selected ore "purple" and everything else darker.

I posted the url to the youtube video showing it off.

The problem with this tool and similar is that they have to load the map. Your's is unique as it runs real time, hence your's is by far the best. Just wish it could show ore - especially gold.

Papaya said...
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Papaya said...


can you add the an option to enable underground lightning? I already have written one, but it is a little bit buggy (flickering entinys).

Maybe you find a better solution:


Sry for my bad english :)

P.S. Just a little Update^^

Michael Russell said...


I'll review the code this week and see what I can do.

Mikey Babs said...

do you plan on getting the custom resolution changer working? i miss playing terraria on my eyefinity setup at 6048x1080 :)

Michael Russell said...


I haven't had a chance to dig into sizes much larger than a single monitor. It does look like all the various layers together are taking significantly more video and system memory, but until I can sit down and focus for several hours, I can't guarantee a solution.

Unknown said...

Hi Michael, thanks for your efforts!

Here's some further large display info for you. On my eyefinity rig, running in windowed mode, if I go beyond 1920x1200 (which is the highest "supported" resolution) It fails to render portions of the screen. Your launcher works great for letting me set that resolution at least (Terreria without the launcher attempts to set 50% of my display size, 3600x1600 in windows, 1800x800 in terreria).