May 16, 2007

Upcoming Items

Okay, for those of you who have been on my MSN Messenger friend list, I apologize for not being on lately. We're getting ready to enter a brief period of crunch at work, and I've been falling slightly behind because of the sheer number of doctor's visits I've had.

Medically, I've got surgery coming up sometime in June to repair/remove my deviated septum. Hopefully, they'll be able to do the other apnea-related surgeries at the same time. I'm also still trying to figure out a perfect balance of my diabetes medication and my diet. I've been having some low glucose reactions lately which have been making me a bit miserable. Of course, having a plasma-equivalent glucose reading in the low 90's is better than a plasma-equivalent glucose reading in the 300's.

Professionally, we're going to be moving our back end processes over to Windows Workflow Foundation over the next eight weeks. We're also going to try to unify our data on a single platform (no more Oracle/SQL Server data joins from Hell...) and somehow get multicurrency support in all at the same time. This should be...interesting.

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