May 11, 2007

The Root Of It All Is In The Nose

About six weeks ago, I had a fairly major ear infection. That infection led to me being diagnosed as a diabetic. Two weeks ago, it seemed like the ear infection was starting to return, so at my doctor's appointment on Wednesday, I brought it up and he sent me to a specialist today. One exam (including a CT scan) later, we have the root cause of my sleep apnea and the ear infections.

A little over a decade ago, I got in a major accident that really messed my face up. There are still portions of my beard that have problems growing in because of it. One of the side effects was a bloody nose, but it turns out that it did a lot more than just that. It knocked my septum out of alignment, and I now have about 90% blockage of both nostrils. That led to the sleep apnea, which led to an increase in my ear infections, and both prolonged and repeated infections and sleep apnea significantly increase your risk of diabetes.

So it seems the problem was in my head the entire time...well, my nose at least.


askedrelic said...

Hey, atleast it wasn't 2 spiders in your ears!

Morgan Ramsay said...

So who are you going to sue?

TimeDoctor said...

sue who? sue everybody!

Space Elf said...

Having roots in ones nose sounds kind of painful.