May 6, 2007

The End Of The End

The last public remnants of Ritual are pretty much gone now.

It's been months since they updated the Tribe page, and many of the names on that list are no longer around. Scott Inglis is now up at Microsoft, Scott Maclean is over at 3D Realms, Steve Hessel announced his leaving today, etc. The death spasm has given way to rigor.

Meanwhile, I'm a bit torn myself. I'm trying to stay motivated enough to at least get USEMP to an alpha state so that I can pass it off to the remaining fragments of the community, but demands from real life keep cutting into that time. This weekend, I was supposed to have the entire time to devote to USEMP since my D&D party broke up last weekend, but instead I've had to spend the time learning Windows Workflow Foundation for rearchitecting the backend of my job's site.

(Speaking of work, if you are a Dallas area contractor who knows SharePoint like the back of his/her head and would be available for a 4-6 week contract to create an Intranet site, contact me.)

1 comment:

David said...

I couldn't imagine someone going from making hardcore FPS games to making simple casual games and enjoying the change.