May 15, 2007

Episodic Isn't Dead...It's Casually Resting

The Hollywood Reporter published an article today on episodic casual gaming.

While I may have a rather severe level of distaste for Ritual, I can't fault the business model in this case. The biggest issue for episodic gaming is keeping the costs down, and when you shoot for a AAA game, there are certain costs that accompany that regardless of scale. "SiN Episodes" was only a failure in that it didn't pay for "Episode 2," but it was one of the 15% of games released last year that turned a profit.

I wish MumboJumbo luck.

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Craig said...

I know this is a different topic entirely, but I find amusement in how many games have you engaging in one form or another of criminal activity, then they expect you not to steal the games.

Hmmm...irony :)