April 26, 2007

You Can SiN For Cheap For 48 Hours

GoGamer.com has "SiN Episodes: Emergence" for $3.90 as part of "48 Hour Madness."

If you were one of those people who kept saying that $20 was too expensive, or $15 was too expensive, or $10 was too expensive...it's $4, less than a Value Meal at McDonald's.


Sarkie said...

It's too expensive !!! I want them to pay me to play, jeesh!

The more people who buy, the more who can play USEMP online !!!

David said...

The lack of news updates for USEMP is what is shinking the numbers. Even a random pointless screenshot is better than nothing.

The last screenshot was more than a month ago!

Sarkie said...

Sorry, if you have read this blog, you would know Mike has been ill! That takes precedence sorry, it's coming though don't worry.

Okie said...

yeah...but can I get fries with it? ;)