April 10, 2007

Talk Back

After my last post defending Live for Windows, I got some comments calling me out for not fully researching the article before replying to it, some people considering it one of my less thought-out rants, and even Game QA Blog thinking I'm nuts.

All I can say is...good.

The power of the blogosphere is that it's an open communication channel. If you don't like what I'm saying, or disagree with what I'm saying, you can talk back to me. I read every single comment that comes in, and I try to take it to heart when there is constructive criticism towards any of my points of view.

I'll still scream bloody murder when I strongly disagree with someone's stance, but by now, that's expected of me.

Speaking of talking back to me, those readers in the United Kingdom should check your newsstands in about two weeks when issue #175 of "PC Gamer" is released. I want to hear what you think.


Zachary said...

I didn't mean to imply insanity, merely my strong disagreement. Could you ever imagine a Mac or Linux port being allowed to use GFW Live? It is already bad since sid meier's games and Total Annihilation use Direct Play.

James said...

PCG #174 just came out yesterday so it'll be about 4 weeks (3 and a half for subscribers) until you get any feedback from people who read it.

Andrew Timson said...

Could you ever imagine a Mac or Linux port being allowed to use GFW Live?

If Microsoft were smart, they'd allow developers to port over the GFW code—on the condition that Microsoft keeps the rights to the ported code, so that other developers can use it. No additional work on their part, and it removes a disincentive on the part of developers.