April 18, 2007

New Type Of Testing (For Me)

I get to start a new type of testing: blood glucose levels.

My recent infection was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. Being ten pounds overweight, having sleep apnea, having fairly high stress levels, and a few other items led to me having a blood glucose level of 325 a week ago. I'm down to 270 today, but I'm still in the land of diabetes. It's especially scary since the last time my blood glucose was tested, it was 80.

Right now, it's looking like it was caught early enough that just "rebooting" the pancreas should be sufficient to get my bloog sugar back to normal, along with some minor dietary changes.

So yeah, it sucks, but such is life.


MarshallWalker said...

Hey Rom,

Sorry to hear that your sugar is high. I hope you can get it under control better than I have. Having Diabetes is the worst thing in the world. I have to take shots three to four times a day, test my sugar at least 5 times a day, watch what I eat, etc, etc, etc... It does take over your life.. Good Luck!

Craig said...


I hope I don't end up like that, but I'm petty sure I will someday.

Anyway, I imagine having aids would trump diabetes. Though I'm no expert.

Hope all goes will with ya Mike, I just got a sinus infection myself (wheefun!)

Not something I wanted to happen a week and a half into my new job, but hey whatever works.

funnyvideo said...

Please control your diet. It helps tremendously with my friend who had very high blood sugar. Now he is back to normal.

Jim Somchai

Morgan Ramsay said...

Reading your blog encourages me to eat healthy. I just need to make a commitment to stop eating late-night Mexican food. That's difficult to do in Southern California...