March 20, 2006

[Testing] Death To Memory Leaks, Long Live Poor Object Finalization!

.NET Framework, Managed DirectX coming to Xbox 360

So now for the standard questions:

1) Is the XNA Framework going to be a free download, or will we have to purchase XNA Studio to access Managed DirectX from here on out?

2) XACT is hardly mod-friendly. Any hopes of making XACT a bit more mod-friendly in the future (allowing us to ship with developer mode turned on, for example)?

3) With the Xbox, a good third of my job was tracking down memory corruption and memory leaks. With XNA on the 360, I'm guessing I'm going to be spending just as much time tracking down issues with delayed finalization and other object management issues. Any hopes of getting an allocation snapshot tool?

4) The Xbox 360 is a DX9-level machine. Vista is going to have DX10. What are the plans for XNA and DX10?

5) XInput currently requires DirectSound to use the headset. How are you working around that?

Minor bitches:

1) Having to use MDX1.1 for mouse/keyboard support really blows. If possible, I'd love nothing better than to have a shared executable between the 360 and the PC.

2) Tsk, tsk. Still pitching C# with no mention of VB.NET.

Anyway, glad you gave Tom a team. He needed it.

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