March 23, 2006

[Blog] Nintendo doesn't like me?

It's weird. Over the last three weeks, this blog has had visits from people at Microsoft Game Studios, Indie Built, SCEA, Nival, my former co-workers in Layton, Bioware, EA Tiburon, Crate and Barrel, Autodesk, a lot of security firms with unpronouncable names (mostly because a news aggregator accidentally linked to me), and even one visitor from Dairy Queen, and about 4,000 other uniques...and that's just the last three weeks.

But to date, I haven't received any visitors from Nintendo. Guess I can't "catch 'em all..."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing blog. It's the only one I know that claims to have the readership you do but has virtually no comments. Which usually is a sign that NO ONE reads your blog.