February 28, 2006

[Personal] Three Things... and Home Sick

There's an old adage that says there are three things you should never discuss in polite company: sex, politics or religion.

Well, let's see...I've discussed my religious beliefs and my misconceptions about other religions based off of anecdotal evidence and occasional discussions with fringe elements...my political affiliations and views...haven't mentioned anything about sex in this blog. Damn, I was hoping for the trifecta...

Anyway, I left work early today sick. Evidently, it's difficult to think clearly when you've got a fever of 101, and even more difficult to test.

So, I'm off to bed shortly to see if I can get my fever to break. Keep those posts coming. I haven't had this much discussion regarding posts of mine in a looooooong time, but please keep the discussion constructive. Brief posts that simply say, "You're wrong," don't exactly make reaching a consensus easy... Besides, short posts like that are so cliché.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Not as cliche as responding to those 'cliche' comments...
And besides, if you can spout off with your one line hard core opinions you can't expect others to not do the same. So there. ;)