February 24, 2006

[Gaming] Gib

Okay, I'm about to show the Dallas game community how much of an outsider I truly am.

I got into a twenty-minute discussion with Tom Mustaine today about the pronunciation of the word "gib." He pronounces it "jib," as in "giblets." I pronounce it "gib" with a hard "G", like it would rhyme with "glib."

Now, I'm already not allowed to say "I'm sorry" at the office. I have to say "Fuck You" instead. Today, he jokingly said that I wasn't allowed to pronounce "gib" like that anymore.

I told him, "Fuck you, I'll say 'gibs' how I want." (I'm still employed.)

Personally, I really don't think it matters how it's pronounced. "Gib" or "jib," it's still a frag.

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