September 22, 2005

Viva La Liberation!

I just got back from Gearbox Software's Liberation party, and I had a good bit of fun...even if I couldn't stay for the entire thing.

They had a nice "Moulin Rouge" rip-off on stage with some fairly attractive ladies (and the token beefcake for the ladies in the audience). They had some extremely expensive finger food that tasted like the fingers that prepared it. They had the trailer for "Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood." They had some high-poly renders of the vehicles they were going to use for their next-gen stuff. They had Mark Rein from Epic Games there plugging Unreal Engine 3. They had free shirts. Enough said.

A lot of the Ensemble guys who had RSVP'ed weren't able to show...something about a well-deserved day of golden slumber...

Anyway, if you're looking forward to "Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood," here's a link to the PC SKU via Amazon:
- Purchase Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood via

Anyway, I'm working on an article related to "We ♥ Katamari." I'm hoping to have that up this weekend. Those who are offended by bodily functions may want to skip that article, however. Consider yourself warned.

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