September 14, 2005

Published Yet Again...

Thumbnail of article in (game)land Magazine
I was just noticing that my site and my blog have been getting significantly higher volume than normal, so what do I find? Seapine Software, makers of TestTrack Pro, ran a previous entry from my blog in their September 2005 newsletter.

Well, welcome to the new readers. I hope you find something worthwhile during your visit. Another entry is scheduled for either October or November, but I'm unsure which.

As for why I say I was published yet again, well, I was published in (game)land Magazine in Russia back in July. That article was on the Windows Logo for Games program from Microsoft...a program that I fully back, but fear will fall on deaf ears until Vista ships.

Hell, I'm just glad that QA is finally getting some notice in the software industry. This is a good sign...let's keep it up.

Minor update, 8:45pm: Added links to (game)land Magazine; Seapine Software.

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