September 13, 2005

"SiN": Did you know... takes five man-days to do a full test pass on just the ABO sections of the original "SiN"?

...that chapter 3 can be skipped entirely?

...that chapter 5 is the most complex chapter, with nine seperate branches and the ability to affect events in chapter 6?

...that Blade was on the front cover of the U.S. release, but Elexis was on the front cover for the European release?

...that "SiN" was one of the first games to receive the "Mature Sexual Themes" ESRB descriptor due to the hidden Easter egg in Janitor Bob's closet?

...that "SiN" was the first ever American property that made the transition to anime?

...that you can buy the original "SiN" for under $2 through, but the expansion pack still costs nearly $25 through the same place?

...that if you're running Windows XP, it's a bad idea to run the DirectX 6 installer on the "SiN" CD?

...the original game shipped with a bug where load times could take up to 40 minutes because it would accidentally load the entire level twice?

...that the silliest line in the game is, "Well, I never liked the Pacific Northwest anyway. Too much fish."?

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