February 16, 2005

Testing Top 10 Lists #3

NOTE: Some of these are actually serious suggestions. Can you guess which ones?

Top 10 Signs That Computing Hell Has Frozen Over

10. A fresh install of Linux on a computer not only detects and functions with everything in your brand-new machine, but it's usable enough that your grandmother could use it.
9. When you get shot in the back by a teammate in Counter-strike, it was truly by accident, and not by a team-killing fucktard.
8. Robert Scoble doesn't go over his bandwidth for his full-text link blog for a month.
7. Bill Gates gets on stage at CES, announces "Microsoft Bob 2," and immediately screams "Psyche!"
6. The DirectX Team releases a full set of skinnable UI widgets for DirectX applications so that developers don't spend five months of every game project reinventing the wheel.
5. Companies start implanting caffeine IV drips in employees to reduce downtime and overall pop expenses.
4. You're able to have a lengthy technical conversation with a fellow computer geek without using a single acronym.
3. Microsoft moves their corporate offices to Puerto Rico, buys the country outright, and tells the Europran Union to fuck off.
2. Blizzard releases a bomb.

...and the number one sign that Computing Hell has frozen over...

1. QA gets all the time they need!

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RemohDad said...

Good list ROM. I like it!