February 14, 2005

Random Mental Fecal Matter

I got an E-mail from someone today who wanted me to verify my contact information through a service called Plaxo. I couldn't have updated through the service anyway due to some script-blocking stuff I've got going on, but services like this always scare me just due to the amount of data mining that occurs on a regular basis.

Of course, I guess it's a bit hypocritical of me to be so worried about automated data mining. People who come here and read this blog will get just as much information about me, if not more so, and they won't have to pay for it.
I didn't get as much stuff unpacked over the weekend as I'd hoped.

I did however, get all of my DVD's and current-generation console games unpacked. To give you an idea, I had three 40-gallon Rubbermaid totes filled with Thinpak'ed DVD's of just movie DVD's.

So do the math, and see if you can guess exactly how many movie DVD's I own...
I like using WebHost4Life for my hosting for my images and home page, but it's a bit ludicrous to send out daily renewal notices starting at 77 days before expiration, don't you think? Also, they send it out as two seperate E-mails. That means that if I wait until the last possible minute to renew, I'll receive a total of 154 renewal messages. That, in a word, is bullshit.

I also think that their marketing department needs to be shot. Right now, all of their animated banner ads say that they are hosted by "Window 2000" servers. That's right, not "Windows 2000," "Window 2000." I wrote them nearly a YEAR ago, and told them that I'd feel dumb running their graphic ads if they didn't fix their branding issue. They didn't fix their branding issue.

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Stacy Martin said...

Rom - Since I work for the Plaxo, you would expect me to encourage you to give Plaxo a try. But unlike other services, you don't actually have to become a member in order to update a friend. And don't forget that the update request you received was primarily for the member to stay in touch with you. The message contained their updated information for you to update your records with, if you wish. And if you'd like, you can also choose to update the member.

Hope this helps,

Stacy Martin
Plaxo Privacy Officer
privacy @t plaxo.com

P.S. The basic Plaxo service is free. Plaxo does charge for premium services such as our Address Book Optimizer (deduper), WAP access, and other features.