February 14, 2005

Strange Visitors

There are two reasons that I write this blog. The first is that writing a blog is a form of therapy for me. It gives me a chance to express my emotions, and be done with them. I can put them behind me, and continue on with a clear head. The second reason is to give me an opportunity to act as a guidepost for other people. By showing what I've done right and what I've done wrong, I can hope to steer people away from major potholes that have plagued me in the past.

Most of the visitors to this site are either people who are looking for specific technical answers, friends from previous employers, or people in the video game industry...but there are a few that just don't make any sense. Here are some entries from my visitor logs for the last two weeks that made me giggle.

become.com: Okay, why is a beta shopping place checking me out?
usafa.edu: The United States Air Force Academy? Sorry, dudes, I was in the Army.
bsfllp.com: I'm guessing that these guys are here because of my article about SCO that I wrote a long time ago regarding whether code is more or less protected if it is treated as speech.
shellus.com: I don't drive, so I don't know why Shell Oil is checking me out.
ghs.com: These guys make real-time operating systems.
usna.edu: The United States Naval Academy? I can't hold my breath long enough.
nmci.navy.mil: Same thing.
monroe.army.mil: Sorry, guys, my Inactive Ready Reserve status lapsed two years ago.
cbsinetworks.com: I had nothing to do with Rathergate. I'd think you'd want to put bloggers behind you for now...
microsoft.com: Yes, my Borg implants may be deactivated, but they still respond to your occasional probes. Ready to travel to Ensemble repatriation center on request. Out.
989studios.com: I don't do sports games anymore, but if you have anything specific you want to ask, pop it out and as long as my reply wouldn't be under NDA anymore, I'll spill the beans.
turbinegames.com: Interested in tree visibility, are we?
citibank.com: I cancelled my CitiBank Visa card three years ago. Chill.

(I know that some of these could be personal browsing, but it's still funny.)

Oh, and as far as search engine entries, well, see for yourself.

"ui hall of shame", "shame hall", "ui-hall-of-shame": My first five entries are almost ready to go up.
"8004022a": The answer you want is right here.
"pirate s moon copy protection": I worked on the game, not the copy protection. Find your crack elsewhere. Schmuck.
"clariticity": You want this site.
"remote desktop connection web client": It's right here.
"the word fuck comedy": I don't even want to know how this one got here...

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ed said...

I think I have some insight into the comedy fuck thing, but I don't know how it linked to you:


Its the usage of the word Fuck. I'm sure you've heard it, because everybody has.

Just thought I'd put in my 2 cents.