February 2, 2005

Testing Top 10 Lists #2

Top 10 Signs The Project You Are Testing Is In Trouble

10. Your developers don't believe in source control.
9. You see check-in messages from the marketing department.
8. Your splash screen consists of at least one swear word and an animated GIF of a dancing Steve Ballmer.
7. When you warn your developers that their current path will code them into a dead end, they spout off the current development methodology of the month (Agile, XP, TDD, etc.) and say, "Our methodology will prevent that."
6. Massive chunks of behavior change without notification.
5. Bugs get reassigned more than 22 times.
4. On your latest console title, you only have 4k free after initialization.
3. You realize that the product you are testing will directly compete with a currently shipping product that is also made by your company.
2. The mandatory screen flow provided by your publisher is in direct violation of several certification requirements.

...and the number one sign that your project is in trouble...

1. "Testing? We don't have time to test this."

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Kevin said...

Hmmm, all sounds Greek to me. :)