September 26, 2007

Serious Games

It's time for me to start brushing back up on my game development skills.

Starting in November, I'm going to be working on games again. Not full-time, and not first-person shooters, but I will be working on some "serious games" here at work.

It's kind of an interesting experiment. I'm still learning the meetings industry, so creating games to teach how to be a better meeting facilitator or how to handle large expo events more cost-effectively will be an interesting challenge.

The fun part is going to be trying to find out what choices people have to make to handle these sorts of situations and extract out the "interesting" part of it. I've done some serious games in the past under contract from Utah State University, but the design was completely done for those before I got them, so all I got to do was the implementation work. For these, I'll be handling all design and most of the coding, so it will be an excellent stepping stone back towards what I feel is "normal."

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