September 6, 2007

Back At Work...

Well, I'm running at about 50%, but I'm back at work.

Fortunately, I'm not having to debug the SQL Query from Hell™ today, but it's still difficult to concentrate.

I nearly didn't make it to work. I missed my connection between my train and my bus this morning, and while I was standing waiting for the next bus, I started to get really light-headed and nearly fainted. After sitting down for ten minutes, I was okay, but I almost passed out again while waiting for people to get off the bus so that I could get on.

Fortunately, the people who were waiting for the bus with me saw that I was in a wee bit of distress and let me on first. I napped for 40 minutes and awoke just in time to get into the office.

I intend to vegitate this weekend if at all possible to try to recover a little more strength.

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