January 1, 2006

New Year's Resolutions and a Look Back

Well, 2006. It's interesting to think that since I started this blog, I've made 423 entries. There hasn't really been a pattern to what I've done, I've just gone where the winds have blown.

To be honest, though, that's usually how I succeed at something. I decide to do something on a lark, and I generally succeed, because there's no pressure for me to do well. If I screw up, it's no biggie. Because I don't have that pressure, I do really well.

That's how I got hired at Access. That's how I stayed on at Microsoft. That's how I got hired by Layton City. That's how I got hired by Ritual. (Speaking of which, my one-year anniversary is on Tuesday.)

I guess success comes to those who feel like they're already successful. So here's to a successful 2006, because I'm already a winner for having gotten this far.

New Years Resolutions
  1. I resolve to try not to dredge up painful memories from the past. One of my bad habits is bringing up moments of failure from the distant past and refreshing them in my mind. Anything that caused me emotional pain is eligible...crashing into a parked camper, for example.

    Fact of the matter is that I can't distance myself from these moments. The failures of my past helped define me, as did my successes. I just need to learn to accept these moments rather than beat myself with them.
  2. I resolve to update my domain (RomSteady.net) at least once a month.

    I pay over $100 a year for the domain and web space. I better be putting something there.
  3. I resolve to finish at least one of the game mods I have in the queue. I've been working on several game modifications under the radar.

    The one I've been working on that's the furthest along is "Doom3: Moonbase Assault," a turn-based-strategy game in the Doom3 universe. (Already have the models loading and animating...I've also integrated the level editor into Visual Studio 2005.) Basically, I want to be able to tell the story of the marines who went in to get the last survivor at the end of Doom3.

    (Come on, you guys knew that there had to be a reason for all of the Doom3 utilities I've been creating...)
  4. I resolve to go to driving school and try to get my driver's license back.

    Walking everywhere has been a real benefit to me. It has taught me patience, perserverence and time-management skills. It's also helped me lose eighty pounds since I started at Ritual. However, there are major downsides to boot. I've lost many opportunities over the years because of my lack of a driver's license, and I intend to make sure I don't lose these opportunities in the future.

Anyway, I'm going to be in Utah from January 23 to January 27 visiting family and trying to take care of my old home, so have a Happy New Year. May 2006 be memorable for good reasons.

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