June 28, 2015

RomTerraria 4 Release Date

I'm targeting a July 1 release date for RomTerraria 4.

This version will be updated to work with Terraria 1.3, which will be released at approximately 10am Pacific on June 30.

This release will ONLY include support for modifying resolutions and enabling cooperative full-screen. The patch notes make it look like 1920x1200 will still be the largest supported resolution, so RomTerraria will still be needed.

Why release the next day?  Well, I have to be at work between 8:30a and 9a on June 30.  I won't be home until almost 6p that day.  I have to eat dinner, investigate the code, and figure out how to do the following:
  • Disable achievements if it's the Steam version.  Steam achievements have been added to this game, and since I don't want anyone to get a Steam ban for using RomTerraria, this has to be done.
  • Add the resolution to the UI.  Each version has had its own weird way that this has had to be done.
  • Redirect file loads so that the patched executable doesn't have to be in your Terraria folder.  This was one RomTerraria 3 feature that people liked, so I'm going to try to keep it.
  • Build the whole thing into a single patcher.
Once all that is done, I'll have to test it.  I've got a nice 2560x1440 monitor right in front of me so I can test the living daylights out of the release.

Finally, I have to upload it and update all the download links everywhere, but I'm probably going to create a RomTerraria 4 download page and just point everything there.

See you later this week.

Update 6/30, 10:15am: Terraria 1.3 released.  Looks like the code will be easier to port than I thought.  I'll need to change from searching for Main to InternalMain, ensure that SocialMode is changed from Steam to None, and then test my code.  May even be able to get rid of some of my code completely.  I like simplification.

Can't do any of this until I get home tonight, but shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Update 6/30, 5:30pm: Still not home, but I'm already getting crash reports from people running the old mod.  Don't run the old stuff.

Update 6/30, 6:10pm: Home now, but it looks like they did another update since this morning.  Give me a few minutes to eat dinner, please, then I'll start on updating the mod.

Update 6/30, 6:33pm: In menu in Steam at 2560x1440. Needs additional testing before I can release it.

Update 6/30, 6:42pm: In game in Steam at 2560x1440 in  However, I'm getting this weird strobe effect in dark areas.  Won't release until I get that solved.

Update 6/30, 6:54pm: Visual glitch fixed.  A new RenderTarget2D was added in 1.3 that I wasn't accounting for.  Let me package this up.

Update 6:30, 7:08pm:  Released.


Xathian said...

You won't get a Steam ban for modding games with achievements, you can mod and hack to hell almost every single game with Steam Achievements. Hell there are programs that just tell Steam to instantly unlock every achievement.

Unknown said...

Thx for making an awesome mod!

Anonymous said...

Please dont remove steam achievements. I just want to play the game in a higher resolution without having a chunk of the game removed :(

The game doesnt use VAC, so there is a 0% chance of a ban.

Miep said...

is it possible to make the symbol and the inventory bigger because it is very small and i cant see shit :D