June 21, 2015

Recovering from Injuries

I'm not doing a lot of coding right now.  Instead, I'm pulling a Peter Griffin, grasping my knee, and going "ow" a lot.

Yesterday, I decided to go to Raging Waters in San Jose.  It was a warm day, and the air conditioning in my leased home doesn't work very well, so rather than risk heat damage to my PC (a very real possible side effect of the computer vision coding I've been doing for the last couple of weeks), I decided to spend a day going down waterslides.

It was my first time going, so after spending 45 minutes in line to get my photo ID season pass, I started meandering around the park.  There were several slides that I could not go on because of my shoulder, but I finally found a set of slides I could enjoy called "The Serpentine Slides."

I went down the yellow slide first, and had a good time until I got to the bottom.  My tube was underinflated, so when it hit the water at the bottom, it stopped and I skipped off that tube right under the water.  Still, had fun.

Then, went up to the pink slide.  This time, my tube had a reasonable inflation level.  After turn three, there's a dip.  When I hit that dip, I caught air, hit my head hard on the slide, got turned upside down, and was going down the slide face down.  I caught air twice more with the tube on top of me, but was able to shield my head from getting hit any more with my arm.  When I got to the bottom of the slide, I essentially pile-drived my knees into the concrete on the bottom of the ride.

When I got up, I was woozy and bloody.  Kudos to the first-aid team there for a prompt, polite response.

Today, I've got a massive goose-egg where my head hit the slide and my right knee hurts like crazy and is still leaking fluids into bandages, but I'm mostly okay,

Expect progress on posts to resume soon.


Unknown said...

Glad to hear you're doin' ok. Head bumps are a doozy (I've had two in my life, when I was 3 and 4 years old).

I did have a question though. After 1.3 is released, what's the expected timeline for getting romterraria updated? Assuming that Terraria hasn't gotten higher resolution support in the update. I don't mind waiting, but I'd like to know for how long so I can plan accordingly. Been eye-balling Witcher 3 for a bit, but don't want to drop on that yet if I'm gonna be playing Terraria.

Michael Russell said...


Here's some general guidance.

If it released and they changed from .NET to C++, RomTerraria will not be updated.

If it released and still .NET/XNA, an update will be released within 24 hours assuming nothing heinous happens. This update will only contain existing functionality, and will be tested up to 2560x1440.

Updates for new functionality will happen post-1.3.

Unknown said...

That's a lot faster than I was expecting. Awesome! I look forward to using it.