October 24, 2007


Five more posts and this blog will enter four-digit territory. I've made some minor template changes, etc., in preparation of a change that's coming with post 1,000.

VistaGameDoctor.com hit 225 games this week. More are on the way. With VistaGameDoctor.com out-earning this blog on a day-to-day basis by an average of 5:1, it makes sense to put a little focus over there.

You may notice a few posts being updated over the next few weeks. Some advertisers have asked if they could sponsor some of my "greatest hits" posts. Don't worry...any ads will be clearly marked. I won't let this become a spam blog.

I'm going to be away from my computer most of this weekend. Saturday is going to be a bit busy because I'm going to be starting up with a new D&D party (trying to get back into some in-person gaming and at least feel like the money I invested in D&D 3.5 was justified) as well as attending our neighborhood's annual Halloween party. Sunday will be my first trip to Six Flags Over Texas.

Finally, while I may not be all that happy with the minimal work I've done on USEMP, my XNA coding is working out a bit better. If all goes well, I'll actually have something you can play before the end of the year.

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