October 18, 2007

"30 Days Of Night" (Mini-Review)

I got a chance tonight to watch a free screening of "30 Days of Night" at the Cinemark 17 in Dallas. There are times when free costs too much.

"30 Days of Night" is the first movie ever released in theaters where you can experience an entire month of boredom in real-time.

The number of legitimate scares in the film can be counted on one hand, all of the interesting scenes are either shaky-cam'ed to death, not shown or immediately cut away from, and the majority of the speaking parts are accompanied by both dialog that is stilted and out of place and acting that makes Keanu Reeves look energetic.

That said, there are a couple of fairly creepy scenes, including a scene with a child devouring a parent and the child's subsequent dispatching, but they are too few and too far between. The most frightening thing, however, is that this movie was considered good enough to release.

Your Halloween scare budget would be better reserved for your local haunted house or "Saw IV" when it comes out next week.


The Bare Nessecities said...

I can say this, as I sat right next to you during this CRAP ASS MOVIE! You jumped like a little girl several times during this movie!! HEHEHEHE

Bobby said...

This post makes baby jesus cry.. how can you fuck up a movie about vampires in the arctic during the month long night...

Okie said...

that's a true shame. I was excited to see this novel transformed to the screen and I'm disappointed to hear that they killed it. :(

thanks for the heads up though...one more to cross off my list for theater viewing this Halloween.

The Bare Nessecities said...

How can you fuck up a movie about vampires in the artic during the month long night? Easy.. Cast Josh Hartnett as the main character.. and cut to a overhead shot when the vampires start ripping thru the town! Show no good close up kill scenes! Just to name a few of the problems this movie had!!! Had Rom leaned over to me at ANY point in this movie ans said.. "Are we leaving yet" We would have quickly grabbed up the wives and RAN as fast as we could to the nearest EXIT!!!!