October 20, 2007

Steam (Or Lack Thereof)

Over the last six months, the amount of energy that I've had to pursue a lot of my personal interests has really dried up.

I haven't been happy with the code I've been writing for USEMP. Every line I try to write just makes me feel...dirty. My XNA projects have stalled out. I haven't been on MSN Messenger in months. Even my gaming has slowed down significantly.

Part of it is due to stress from before the surgery and the recovery and bills afterwards. Part of it is that work has required a lot more of me due to several departures from my department over the last year. Part of it is due to a bit of an emotional rollercoaster due to some dirty tricks by a former employer or a former employee of theirs...unsure which.

Regardless, Sarkie and Skeetles are still hard at work on USEMP (or not - see below), VistaGameDoctor.com is renewing interest in me, my upcoming casual game projects are giving me a chance to stretch my legs, and I'm finally beginning to relax.

Short term goals: Post 1,000 is just around the corner. I've got three major projects that are going to be complete next week.

Medium term goals: Finish wrapping my head around LINQ.

(Update: Fixed typo, added correction per a comment.)

1 comment:

Sarkie said...

Typo: Messenger*

USEMP: I have kinda lost interest in it, might start again with EP2 SDK and add portal stuff into it.

I'm sure the world will not end if you don't do you personal stuff mate, take a break you deserve it.