September 25, 2008

Shawn Guse: Whiny Warez Monkey

Some of you may have seen that Activision went after some pirates recently. Based on some follow-up comments from Activision's lawyers, my assumption is that these guys modded their consoles and created the original ISO rips of certain Activision products and/or created the original torrents used to distribute the rips. Mind you, that is my assumption and may not be fact.

That said, these guys have agreed to settlements that restrict their future behavior...and now at least one of them is trying to erase the evidence of his crime from the net.

Now, this is a civil settlement, but the settlement does contain an admission from Shawn Guse that he committed a crime.

Consider your name being linked to the crime a part of the punishment.

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Art Forums said...

Bruceongames ( ) here. Chris Hyman, another one of these thieves, has emailed me to let me know how sorry he is for stealing:

----- Original Message -----
From: Chris Hyman
To: bruce
Sent: Friday, September 26, 2008 5:05 PM
Subject: Remove my name you fucking bitch

Yeah, FUCK YOU Bruce you piece of shit. Remove my name "Chris Hyman" from your stupid ass fucking blog. Your blog is a piece of shit and you are one FUCKING UGLY OLD MAN!

FUCK YOU! GO TO HELL! I hope you die and burn in hell!

Oh, just letting you know I am getting my lawyer ready to sue you for copyright on my name. :) Prepare to be served and sued. Oh, and I will be getting damages from it. The money will start at $10,000. Who knows, I'll probably sue you for everything you got you fucking ugly ass.