September 26, 2008

Chris Hyman: Profane Whiny Warez Monkey

Just had a comment from Bruce Everiss on my previous post with another E-mail from another warez monkey that fell under the wrong end of the legal hammer...
From: Chris Hyman
To: bruce
Sent: Friday, September 26, 2008 5:05 PM
Subject: Remove my name you fucking bitch

Yeah, FUCK YOU Bruce you piece of shit. Remove my name "Chris Hyman" from your stupid ass fucking blog. Your blog is a piece of shit and you are one FUCKING UGLY OLD MAN!

FUCK YOU! GO TO HELL! I hope you die and burn in hell!

Oh, just letting you know I am getting my lawyer ready to sue you for copyright on my name. :) Prepare to be served and sued. Oh, and I will be getting damages from it. The money will start at $10,000. Who knows, I'll probably sue you for everything you got you fucking ugly ass.
Well, Chris, same comment applies. You did the crime, admitted to it, and are lucky that you are getting away with only having to pay the civil penalty.

And come on, threatening to sue someone in a different country for violating copyright on your name? First off, your name doesn't have a copyright on it. Second, he's posting information that is publicly available from a court case. Third, he's in the right. You did do the crime. Your actions, while they may not have directly affected him, do affect his industry as a whole.

You did wrong. You got busted for it. Man up and take it.

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