August 5, 2005

QotW: T&A vs. B&G (Mature Subject Matter, Language)

Every week, I do a "Question of the Week" over at Ritual's fansite, Ritualistic. However, I get a very specialized audience over there...people who are already fans of Ritual products.

So, I'm going to start doing the questions here as well as there to get a wider audience. Plus, I'm going to do them here a few days before I do them on Ritualistic so I can work out any problems with the question itself.

So, here's next weeks "Question of the Week":
"SiN: Episodes" is most likely going to be rated "M" for Mature by the ESRB. As with all "M"-rated titles, it's a balancing act. You can have trememdous amounts of blood and gore, and get an "M". You can have tons of raunchy humor and graphics and still get an "M". After all, the "M" rating is the gaming equivalent of an "R". However, if you go too far combining the two, you can bump yourself up into "AO" range (the game equivalent of an "NC-17" or "X" rating.)

So if you had to choose, which would you want in your game: excessive blood and gore, or excessive sensuality?

Would you rather have a topless woman, or the ability to remove the top half of an enemy? Gibs or tits? Guts or bush?

You decide.


Kevin said...

Neither. Oh, and I'll give your post an AO rating ;)

David said...

I'd prefer sensuality. There are approximately 40 trillion games packed to the gills with gore and violence, but if I want to see a breast I have to play Leisure Suit Larry. What's up with that?

Lee Dale said...

Errm how about a girlfriend?

In real life you cant go around with a big sword chopping people in half on a quest to save the planet, but i can have a peek at my girlfriends private parts anytime i want (apart from when where round the parents house for dinner)

David said...

"In the context of a game." I can see all the breasts I want on the Internet and around my house (well, only one pair around my house, but I can look at them a lot) :P. We *are* talking about playing computer games here, though, so I figured the context could go unstated....