August 15, 2005

Geek Birthday

Well, tomorrow my lifetime counter will completely fill five bits of space. While I've had an enjoyable time at 1E, I think that 1F will be a rewarding experience.

Of course, that means that in 16D days, I'll be 20. Starting a new bit is always a challenge. You find that areas where you would fit at four or five bits, you no longer fit. You also find hardware that came online when you initially hit five bits start to fail on an increasingly alarming basis.

My wife has been six bits for quite awhile now. Perhaps I'll find it easier to interface with her soon, since we won't have to go through a thunking layer to communicate. I already recognize that I'm having issues communicating with those who are in the three- to four-bit range.

My goal is to completely fill seven bits. I realize that it's a lofty goal, and I realize that while trying to reach it, I may encounter The Great Overflow Bit, but all that will mean is that I'm being paged out until my space is needed again. Of course, knowing how I've lived, I'll probably be garbage collected instead...

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