June 7, 2005

Will Be Running A Little Dark Thanks To Test Cases

This blog is going to be running slightly darker for the next four weeks. I'm currently in the middle of my least favorite part of testing...writing test cases.

To give you an idea, on one of our unannounced products, I currently am only halfway done with the AI test cases, and I'm already up to 70k in just AI test case notes. These aren't even the full test cases, these are just my notes about what cases I have to write.

Test cases range in complexity. Some are very simple.
Verify model loads and renders.
That's a simple test case. If it shows up, it passes the test.

Some add extra steps.
Using the @@@ cheat code, tell the engine to overlay hitboxes over the model.
Verify that each hitbox fits the model.
Verify that each hitbox continues to fit the model during animation.
In this case, the tests depend on the use of a cheat code, so those tests get meshed together.

Some are more difficult for some testers.
Verify that if you shoot the model in the head, the enemy immediately dies.
Okay, now we are requiring accuracy on the part of the tester to the point of shooting a specific target area.

Some are so complex that a single test case can turn into several dozen.
Verify that each line from this character plays in the appropriate language.
Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese
Lines: ...
That requires triggering each line of dialog in-game eight seperate times, each time with a seperate language. When the case is finished, this will probably turn into a grid with languages on the top and lines of dialog on the left.

I've got a lot of typing in front of me...

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