June 23, 2005

Off-Topic: Texas Hold'em Hand of WTF

We have a group here at Ritual that plays Texas Hold'em poker at lunch each day for fun. It's a great way to relieve tension, bond with your fellow co-workers, and just have some fun. It's also a way to encounter some of the strangest poker hands of all time.

An example:

Before the flop, one of my opponents went all-in. Everyone else folded but me. I called.

At this point, because it's "heads-up" (only two players, all-in), we put our cards face up. He has pocket aces. I have a king and an eight. He's winning.

The flop (first 3 cards) comes out. King, Ten, King. I'm now winning (3 Kings vs. Pair of Aces/Pair of Kings).

The turn (4th card) comes out. Ace. He's winning now (Full house [Aces full of Kings] vs. 3 Kings).

The river (5th and final card) comes out. The dealer looks at the card before placing it on the table and says, "You will not fuckin' believe this!" The last king. I won with a four-of-a-kind.

Why couldn't I have gotten hands like that last night during the poker tournament?

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Robert Gibson said...

My definition of Murphy's Law
Anything that can happen, will happen... But usually at the wrong place and/or time.

It's a polite way for life to slap you in the face and laugh triumphantly, but in a nice way. I get it everyday.