April 23, 2005

24-Hour Comics Day Results

I just got home after completing a 26-page comic in 12 hours and 33 minutes at Lone Star Comics at Mockingbird and Abrams in Dallas, Texas.

I was the first comic artist to finish. Here's my ugly mug with my "victory" pose.
My ugly mug.

What was my secret weapon? My supportive wife brought Lego Spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner.
Lego Spaghetti

Here is a sneak preview of my "art," which I will post once I get it back from Lone Star Comics.
Pirate and Ninja Sea Monkeys?!?

Lone Star is going to send in my submission, then send me back the originals. Now, for bed. I'm already breaking my "Don't Post At Midnight" rule. Oh, and thanks to everyone who was there drawing with me. You guys were fun.

1 comment:

Okie said...

That's very cool...We had a 24 hour day here in SLC too...I guess it's a national phenomenon (yup, that's me...exposing my comic naivette).

I'm stoked to see your finished product...At this point, I can only imagine...and it really makes me chuckle. :)