November 10, 2004

The Humbling Moment

Have you ever been going along feeling pretty confident in yourself and had a moment that just knocked you down about twenty pegs? I had one of those today.

While I'd like to blame the circumstances surrounding it, I can't. This humbling moment was my own fault, pure and simple.

What I did was I broke every single rule of interviewing known to man. I didn't get a good night's sleep, I sandwiched the interview between stressful meetings, I was stressed from trying to get caught up from taking yesterday off, etc. You name the rule, I broke it. So, it's my own fault.

I had an informational today, and about twenty minutes in, I started to space out. I couldn't remember simple things like "implementing an interface," or even the few FxCop rules I knew. Basically, I felt horrid when it was over. I felt like I had wasted his time and my own.

Things like this happen, and the important thing is to learn and grow from them.

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