September 3, 2004

Huzzah? - Strip for 09/03/2004

Excellent strip, even if the first three panels are nearly word-for-word what Patton's speech was. I would have expected at least some speech modification in the second panel to note that they're a bunch of D&D players LARPing. Also, a note or link for those of us who aren't big fans of Shakespear's Henry V would have been nice.

So, without further ado, I present a minor dialogue rewrite.

Panel 1:
I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his game. He won it by making the other poor bastard die for his game.

Panel 2:
Now some of you boys are wondering whether or not you'll chicken out under fire. I can assure you that you'll all do your duty. Wade into them! Spill their blood! Stab them in the belly! When you put your hand in a bunch of paintball goo that a moment before was your best friend's clean face, you'll know what to do.

Panel 3: you sonsa' know how I feel. And I would be proud to lead you wonderful guys into an encounter...anywhere. And that's all.

Panel 4:
Upon St. Crispon's Day!

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