August 20, 2004

Miscellaneous Stuff

Still no progress on the spammer. still hasn't killed the domains, and BellSouth still hasn't yanked the spammer's line.

I'm extremely glad that I downloaded the Windows Media 7 Resource Kit Beta 3 while it was still available on the Windows Media site. (If you can ever find a copy mirrored, DOWNLOAD IT.) It has the most useful tool ever made for Windows Media encoding, and I can't believe that they got rid of it...

The Batch Encoder.

Today, I needed to convert nearly seven gigs of MPEG-1 video footage to Windows Media format to save on storage space and bandwidth. Because the old batch encoder still works with the new WMV encoding stuff, it was so extremely easy to handle. I'd hate to have to convert 85 separate videos using the stand-alone encoder.

I'll have to see if I can find some mirror space and post it. Maybe would host it.

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