February 4, 2018

Electric Eye Lite - Introduction

It's still going to be some time before I'm going to be able to do a full source release of Electric Eye through work.  Since Electric Eye was revealed to the world, we've done over 100 internal releases and over fifteen new releases to partners.  We've dramatically reduced the error bars in our measurements, fixed a lot of bugs, and in general have made a very stable tool.  As a result, we have a very stable but very messy codebase.

Over the next month, I'm going to be talking through a clean implementation of the non-patented parts of Electric Eye and walk through the creation of what will essentially be "Electric Eye Lite" or "EEL."

Over the next four posts, I'm going to be talking through each of the three threads inside the codebase (data acquisition, testing, UI), the lessons learned over the last two years of working on the tool, and finally bring it all together in a simple, clean codebase.

All the code will be over on Github licensed under BSD 3-clause.

Talk to you soon.

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